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Communicating with potential customers

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

For over a year, on and off, I’ve been following the progress of an intriguing product concept.  It’s the Noteslate, an A4 sized digital notepad.  A wonderfully simple concept.  Their Facebook page is here:

They appeared early in 2011 promising product availability by June 2011 at the amazing price of US$99!

Since then they have consistently missed their own deadlines.

I don’t underestimate the complexities of developing a new product, but Noteslate is a good example of how not to communicate with the marketplace.

They have lots of “likes” on Facebook and a hard core of people who are sticking with them.  But their lack of consistent communication with the market place is now generating a lot of negative feelings.  I think people are willing to accept that dates and specifications slip when you’re dealing with technology.

But the Noteslate team have elevated to a high level the art of raising expectation and then disappointing potential customers.

If they ever do launch a product, and I really hope they do, they will have a lot of work to do to rebuild their credibility.

There’s a lesson in there for me too.

I must post messgaes more often!