And another one….

Next installment in my website upgrade saga…..

Just completed the website to the point where it’s now live.  It still needs a few tweaks and the odd bit of content, but it’s close enough for a bit of live testing.

I’ve started a bit of a project to have fune error pages on my websites.  I discovered that you don’t have to be stuck with whatever your ISP displays when somebody mis-types the address of a page on your site.  (Don;t worry, I’m not going into the technicalities here! – if you’re really interested, just look up HTACCESS…..!)

Anyhow, the error page for Better Presentations is here: and the one for PeopleSkills is here:

Not a big thing in the scheme of things, but I hope they will make some people smile!

Now back to work on the main website…..

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