New website finally up and running!

For a while now, I’ve been working to seprate out the various things we do as a company.  Mixing together programmes for education, businesses and individuals seemed like a good idea at the time……

Telling people what we do was, however, becoming quite complicated as we added more and more programmes and workshops.

It eventually dawned on me that we needed to separate all the things we do into more ogical groups and to give each its own identity.

I started with Presentation Skills.  Mainly because I was reworking the programmes anyway, and I had a load of re-writing to do.  It seemed sensible to do teh job once.

Today I uploaded the new website for the first of our new brands – Better Presentations.  Pretty obvious title!

The website is here:

It’s complete enough to go live, although there’s some more content to add later.

Now I need to get on with the rest!

If anyone has any thoughts or comments about teh new website, I would love to hear from you.

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