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You never stop learning….

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

I mentioned in my last post that I was on a Common Purpose course.  Well we finally finished, so now I’m officially a Common Purpose graduate.  And what a great bunch of people I met.  As I hoped, we’ve become friends now and we’re already starting to see ways we can help each other’s businesses.  I learned a lot from the course and, more importantly, from the other delegates.

I’m still working on the new ideas for presentations – these things always seem to take longer than planned!  The end results should be worth it though.

Image is an importent element in communicating values.  People can;t help but make assumptions based on whatever they may already know about you or your business.  It’s the same for places too.  Mention a place and you’ll have some sort of mental picture of it.  We were looking at this very subject on Common Purpose a couple of weeks ago.  We went to Bradford to see how they’re working to change the image of the city.  It was my first visit and I found a place that has a lot to recommend it.

People kept referring to the strong brand image that Liverpool has.  There’s no denying that!  The Beatles, football – all the usual stuff.

But there’s more to the place than that, just like there’s more to us all than people imagine.  We just need to find the right way to get that across.

Here’s Liverpool’s excellent effort: