Should I buy an iPad?

This has been bugging me for a while.  Ever since I saw a colleague at a breakfast meeting using an iPad to show off his business.

I had an “I need one of those” moments….. I mean, it just looked so amazing and easy to use.

So I started looking at how I would use it.  We deliver a lot of presentations, so I thought an iPad would be perfect.  Especially when I found out it runs Keynote which, for the odd person who may not know is Apple’s presentation software.  I could see myself delivering stunning presentations, wandering about holding my nice, shiny i-Pad.

Then I really looked into it.

Almost all of our work is done using PC software, although we do have a Mac that gets used for  the occasional bit of work.

OK, not a big deal because Keynote can import Powerpoint presentations.  Mostly.  Probably enough for most of our work.

But the version of Keynote that runs on the i-Pad doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the full desktop version.

So some of our best stuff wouldn’t work.  Bummer!

The i-Pad isn’t cheap either, although it is a wonderful piece of equipment, we would have to spend nearly £500 to get something we would only use to deliver stuff.

Android tablets are cheaper.  But no way could they be used to deliver presentations.  There just aren’t the apps to do it yet.

So I’ve arrived at the conclusion that a Windows 7 tablet is what we need.  Yes, really!

That would replace one of our delivery laptops with something smaller and lighter (not as small as an i-Pad, but still smaller than a laptop).

And it would run all of our main software anywhere. Even though battery life is less than an i-Pad (5 hours or so vs 10), that’s not really an issue for us.

We don’t do 10-hour presentations…….

A windows 7 tablet has USB ports and a card slot, as well as wireless and Bluetooth, so getting stuff onto it is so much more flexible.

So there you have it, a practical solution!

I still want an i-Pad though…….

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