It’s January – Must be time for New Year Resolutions!

Well, it would be, if I was going to make any!  There are all sorts of things I plan to do this year, making resolutions isn’t one of them.  Our goal this year is simply to keep going in spite of the economic situation and to find new customers who need and want our services.

I reckon it’s too easy to become swept along with the constant bad news and to forget all the good things going on out there.  Lots of businesses are just keeping their heads down and getting on with whatever they do.

We’ve recently had some work turn up from a previous customer who had a problem and called to find out if we could help.  Which, of course, we could!  Can’t say too much as I don’t want to compromise the client, but we’re enjoying the challenge of this project!  It involves a lot of work on communication and has started me wondering about the different ways people communicate today compared to how it was “when I was a lad”.

We ran a course just before Christmas (Workplace 911 if anyone is interested) and one of the people commented that he was amazed that he had managed to concentrate for two hours!  We’ve noticed in our work with young people that many struggle to maintain interest for much more than half an hour at a time.  It makes creating workshops, and particularly their associated presentations, quite a challenge.  It’s useful input for our wider work though, especially for Presentation Skills, as we are costantly learning new ways to engage and communicate with audiences.

I’m now busy getting rid of the few bulleted lists left in my slides……  And learning new ways of presenting information.

Which will all come in handy when we’re really busy in 2011!

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

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