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What’s it all about…?

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Communicating.  We all speak, text, email, write letters (maybe!), deliver presentations, tweet, blog, the list goes on.  But how much of all that activity results in actual communication?  The sort where something meaningful happens and there’s a real connection between the participants?  That’s the issue at the heart of Chameleon.  After spending years in industry and some more as a consultant, I’ve lost count of the situations where a little effective communication would have really helped.  Oh yes, I’ve been guilty too! It’s often only when you have time to think that some of these issues become clear.

Which, I suppose, is why I wonder at how much of all this information that bombards us every day actually gets through.

Any why, here at Chameleon, we spend so much time working on things to do with communicating.

As this blog develops, I’ll share some of the things we find and maybe even a few hints and tips as we go along.

This is a voyage of discovery for me, never had a blog before, so it will be fascinating to see what happens and, more to the point, if I can communicate well enough to get people’s interest!

About this blog…

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

This blog is maintained by me, Bill Kelly of Chameleon Associates.  We’re a training company, based in Southport in the North West of England.  Our website is here: The theme that links all of our work is communication, in all it’s many and varied forms.  The name of the blog is linked to the time we spent living in Colombia, memo is the Spanish equivalent of “Bill”.

 So now all I have to do is learn how best to do this and how to get the best from blogging!